Let our safety specialist advise you


Safety is becoming an increasingly important issue. In regular seminars our safety specialist explains in full the legal framework, recommendations, guidelines, laws, terminology used in road traffic, duties of the vehicle driver... and answers any queries our customers may have.

To ensure mobile safety bott places a special emphasis on ‘load safety’. A variety of safety tests, e.g. endurance tests, tensile and tear-out tests, vibration and load tests, are conducted on test benches at our factory.

Safety Comes First Endurance test

That is why we subject our products regularly to crash tests: since 1991 we have conducted over 20 crash tests partly in conjunction with the automobile industry and the TUEV Technical Inspectorate.

Safety is all about attention to detail. The right material mix is also important. The key is to strike a perfect balance between stability and lightweight design. Our modern designs made from a combination of aluminium, steel and plastic meet all the requirements for safety, stability, weight and noise insulation.

Endurance test
Sled tests to ECE standard R-17/07 Post impact test
In these tests, our products are exposed to extremely high loads: 23.4 times the acceleration of gravity over a period of 35.8 milliseconds and 50 kph impact velocity – at full load. Our products regularly meet the stringent guidelines of ECE standard R-17/07. Post impact test